January 12, 2022

Your livestream from a viewer's perspective

How the audience will interact with you and how to react

When you are promoting your stream on social media you will have a unique link that you should share with your viewers. Once they click this link, prior to the stream, they will be taken to your website with the Korkuma countdown implemented. Once you start the stream, the countdown window becomes your livestream window, where you, a person of your choosing, or a pre-recorded video will be shown to your viewers. They will have the option of moving this window anywhere they want, have it in a minimized version so they can browse your website, or have it in a maximized version so they fully focus on your stream. On top of that your viewers can interact with the stream in several ways. They can send you messages via chat, like your stream with the heart button, or share your stream with others. Viewers also have an option of toggling sound on and off.